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Greetings, UU Church of Marblehead!

I was so delighted to learn that I had been named as your candidate for settled ministry on March 31, after a fabulous few months of getting to know your search committee. I cannot wait to meet you all during Candidating Week, from April 24-May 1. During Candidating Week, we will be able to get to know one another, worship together, and share our dreams about the future.


This website will give you a chance to learn more about me and my ministry, but here is a good start, my mission statement, of sorts: I feel a deep call toward UU congregational ministry and, to be even more specific, to serving UU congregations as they grow to become “resilient congregations” and build Beloved Community. “Resilient congregations,” a term coined by Peggy Clarke and Matthew McHale, are hubs for imagining social, political, and economic alternatives to dominant systems that “offer us a way off the path of ecological destruction.” And Beloved Community, a term coined by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., imagines a future composed of loving, interconnected communities marked by joy and liberation, no matter what identities you carry.


I look with great anticipation toward Candidating Week at the end of this month. It will be so good to be together. 


Blessings, Jenna Crawford (she/hers)

Minister Jenna Crawford at the pulpit

Worship Services

Listen and watch my services live, on video or by reading transcripts.

Hiking on the mountains with a wooden sign


Here I share my approaches toward pastoral care, religious education, social justice, and more.

Minister Jenna Crawford lighting candles in the church

My Story

I am a first career Unitarian Universalist minister influenced and moved by science, nature, poetry, community, and more.

Justice Lens

"From insightful and inspiring worship services in a variety of styles to gently but firmly bringing justice lenses to all that we did, I believe Jenna is doing remarkable work in all areas of ministry."

- Roberta Altamari, Former DLRE at First Parish

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