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My Imagination Needs an Oil Change

September 19, 2021

First Parish in Needham UU

- Sermon begins at 47:40.

An intact and well-exercised imagination is important for reasons as far-reaching as how it boosts creativity, expands our social justice horizons, and counters feelings of despair and “stuckness" in our everyday lives. And, yet, research shows that living through the Covid-19 pandemic has actually changed our brain chemistry, affecting the very centers that activate and sustain our capacity to imagine. This is all to say that my imagination is in need of a serious oil change, and maybe yours is too. Let’s get honest about the state of our imaginations these days, dismantle any expectation that we might be performing otherwise, and take some cues from creativity experts about the small things we can do to boost creative thinking in the interim—while our imaginations continue to gradually retake shape.

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